Why Integrity HD?

Why would you want to work for Integrity HD? Because at Integrity HD we have a culture that is centered around PEOPLE. We strive every day to provide excellent quality service to our ultimate customer - the patient! Integrity HD's people-centric culture allows our MTs to be part of a team, and everyone on that team has an important role to play in the success of our company. Being a Integrity HD team member is like owning your own little part in the company!

Do you have what it takes?

At Integrity HD, we hire experienced US ONLY healthcare documentation specialists. To be considered for a position with our company, the minimum requirement is at least two years full-time experience in healthcare documentation. All of our positions are home-based and require only a computer with a fast internet connection.

Assuring the highest quality

We at Integrity HD are committed to quality, transparency, and integrity, and we are interested in hiring professionals who are committed to the same. Our QA process, though diligent, is one of supportive and encouraging communication between the MT and the QA Team. Our clients expect consistent, reliable quality in their reports, and our goal is to deliver that consistency in the setting of a team/coaching approach.

Independent Contractor Versus Employee

At Integrity HD, we hire mostly Independent Contractors for our healthcare documentation team. This allows our folks to have the flexibility they need to work from home and "be their own boss." The business relationship we form is a true partnership as we work together as a team to provide excellent service and quality to our customers. Our IC MTs enjoy the benefits of running a home business, including flexibility in their personal schedule. Those MTs we hire as employees enjoy the usual benefits of employee status including a benefits and vacation package, along with the relaxed atmosphere of working from a home office, but are required to work on a set schedule.


We are always interested in hiring qualified healthcare documentation specialists. Anyone interested should complete our testing here. Once you are through the testing process, you will be prompted to submit your resume. Please note that our minimum requirements are 2 years of full-time experience in medical transcription/editing.

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